"Arrow’s mission is to provide a service for our clients and customers that greatly exceeds all expectation, preserve archaeological materials and add to the archaeological record, as well as provide a safe and secure working environment for our employees."

Arrow is an Alberta company that provides archaeological and historical services for government and private industry in Western Canada. With operational bases in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and close working relationships with First Nations. Arrow offers heritage-consulting services for a wide range of projects.

Arrow’s services include all types of heritage assessments and overviews for the oil and gas industry, renewable energy, seismic projects, water lines and other infrastructure projects, residential and other subdivisions, recreational developments, electrical transmission lines, roads and other linear projects, gravel pits and mines, forestry, dams and reservoirs. We also work with First Nations on traditional knowledge and land use assessments. Recent work includes electrical transmission lines in Banff National Park, a Traditional Knowledge Assessment in the City of Lethbridge, a new rail line across the Qu’Appelle River Valley north of Moose Jaw, oil wells in the Elrose and Kindersly area, a motocross facility near Eastend, Overviews for new solar energy projects in southern Alberta and assessment of seismic projects in the Estevan-Weyburn area.

Staff specialties include cultural/environment interaction, cartography, Plains and montane archaeology, geoarchaeology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, human osteology, GIS applications, lithic analysis, experimental archaeology, and public education.

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