Project Information

Arrow has experience in consulting for the following types of projects
  1. Energy sector projects including drilling programs, pipelines and processing and storage facilities and renewable energy projects such as windfarms.
  2. Residential subdivisions, infrastructure installation, and recreational developments
  3. Dams, pipelines, reservoirs and other water resource and distribution developments.
  4. Forestry projects (including post forest-fire mitigation).
  5. Roads/highways, railways, transmission lines and other linear developments.
  6. Backcountry and remote location developments.
  7. Heritage Resources Impact Assessments
  8. Mines and other surface resource extraction projects, including gravel pits.
  9. Federal, Provincial and Regional Parks developments and improvements.
  10. Laboratory analysis of various types including lithic and faunal analysis, human remains forensics, soil and sediment studies and other environmental assessment and analysis.

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