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A rrow Archaeology helps our clients comply with government regulations, including the Alberta Historical Resources Act, the British Columbia Heritage Conservation Act, and Saskatchewan's Heritage Property Act. We provide archaeological and palaeontological services for a wide range of projects, including water cooperatives, oil and gas developments, subdivisions, forestry projects, recreational developments, highway and road projects, and cultural and heritage developments.

Pre-Development Planning

Archaeological and other historical and cultural resources are widely distributed in western Canada, but often those resources are not easily recognized or discernible. We work with clients prior to commencement of development to advise them on the likelihood and type of historical resources they may encounter. We also work with project managers and supervisors to inform them of appropriate regulatory requirements. Arrow has developed and presented historical resource training and familiarization seminars for client managers and their staff. We also provide training in archaeological techniques and field investigation as well as safety training for specific projects and tasks.

Historical Resource Overviews

We undertake overview analyses on behalf of clients to determine whether full impact assessments are necessary. Overview assessments identify areas requiring more detailed evaluation, and eliminate areas that have little potential to disturb historical resources from the impact assessment. Overviews can often significantly reduce historical resource impact assessment costs for clients. In Alberta, overviews are referred to as Statements of Justification.

Heritage Resources Impact Assessments

We assume full responsibility for conducting historical resource impact assessments and acquiring historical resource approval to proceed with the project. We conduct preliminary surveys, archival and other research and assist clients in decisions regarding known or anticipated impacts to historical and cultural resources.

Mitigation Services

Should a development project occur in an area where historical resources require mitigation, we work with clients and regulatory agencies to develop a mitigation plan that will ensure the resources are managed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Traditional Knowledge and Use Studies

Traditional knowledge and land/resource use studies have become common practice in western Canada. Arrow personnel have experience working with First Nations and other stakeholders in developing comprehensive traditional knowledge information that is necessary for negotiations between First Nations, governments and developers. We have worked with First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba developing traditional use/knowledge studies for resource and land development activities including forestry, oil and gas, power generation and transmission, recreational developments, water supply and distribution, transportation projects and residential developments. We have also worked with First Nations in Yukon and NWT.

GIS Services

Acquiring and maintaining accurate geographical and mapping data is critical to historical resource management. Arrow’s services include predictive modeling, site data management, and spatial analysis using up-to-date GIS and GPS technology.

Public Awareness and Interpretation

Public interest is often high when projects encounter historical resources during the course of development. Arrow will assist our clients and their staff in dealing with inquiries from interested parties and the general public and we can provide on-site and remote public education and interpretation of such material. We also assist our clients in developing public relations initiatives when such material is found and provide education and other services in handling such material.


Arrow personnel can deliver a variety of training in such issues as GIS/GPS, mapping, archaeology, geology, traditional use studies, anthropological interviewing (ethnography) and other areas.

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