We have all experienced a time or two in our lives when we or a loved one required dental treatment that was unfortunately during off-hours, such as the middle of the night or on the weekends. Whether it is a chipped tooth that occurred from our child’s pogo stick adventures or an infected and painful tooth that is keeping one up at night, being seen right away can be both imperative to our dental health and well-being. Finding a dentist that is open twenty-four hours a day and offers a full array of services is the solution should these unfortunate circumstances happen. Ignoring dental emergencies is very much the same as asking for the problems we do have to increase in their severity. It is keeping the wide open and inviting trouble right on in.

dental doctorDr. Tyler Robison has been administering high-quality dental services for many years to Arizona residents in the Mesa and Gilbert areas for many years. He specializes in wide-ranging general dentistry procedures as well as complex dentistry treatments including cosmetic practices such as Mesa Invisalign braces. Dr. Robison and staff have some of the most innovative dental equipment in the area including the Itero Digital Impression system for his patients who no longer have to endure the goopy and gooey tray when an impression is needed. The Itero Digital Impression offers a quick and painless solution. Dr. Robison and the staff are friendly and keep a fun-filled atmosphere around them unlike many medical practices these days. After all, going to the dentist does not have to be a dreaded or fearful experience, especially with all of the breakthroughs in dental technology and easier treatment methods.

invisalign The staff at Robison’s Orthodontic Clinic is in the business of caring for their patients and community alike. Their notable philanthropic work through the Smile Back Foundation has given happiness back to children in the East Valley community whose families cannot afford for necessary dental work to be done. Whether a child needs braces or a cavity filling, Dr. Tyler Robison is available to meet those conditions understanding that all children deserve good dental hygiene and care. Dr. Robison’s dental practice believes that smiles should abound for all ages including the elderly and middle-aged. That is why they offer several teeth straightening procedures, including the clear Invisalign system, to anyone who would like a nicer smile. That being said, while any person of age can opt for braces the American Orthodontist Association recommends establishing orthodontic care at approximately seven years old. It is much easier to straighten and guide the jaw of a child to form more space for overcrowded teeth and adjust the mouth’s upper and lower arches so their adult teeth will develop straight.