When a person has serious teeth problems they are often particularly hesitant to visit their dentist due to a fear of significant dental work that may result. Tooth pain can be significant and jarring as your mouth is connected to your nasal and ear passages and close to many nerves which can lead to excruciating pain. When your teeth hurt it is essential to visit a dentist as soon as possible to have your problems addressed proactively. More often than not the following chain of events will occur when you visit your family dentist in pain.

oral healthYour dentist will perform an investigation of your teeth and the problems that you are facing. More often than not, if your mouth and teeth are in pain, there is an issue with your nerve being exposed or something impinging on a nerve in your teeth. If a cavity grows and your nerve root is exposed your dentist is likely to either plug in the cavity or conduct a root canal which will sever the nerve in your tooth and help to alleviate the pain in your tooth. Your tooth will then be capped and the pain will disappear.

teeth careWhile a root canal is a procedure that has a bad reputation, your family dentist will often inform you that the pain associated with the root canal procedures is not as significant as the pain you experience beforehand. While tooth pain may be caused by other factors, an exposed nerve is typically the most likely cause of your tooth pain and the aforementioned procedure the most common solution.